Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Let's Play The Guessing Game...

Lets talk rumors.

Here we are, less than half way through the year, Lea is still staring at us off the shelves every time we walk in the store, Melody hasn't even been released yet, and people are already frothing at the mouth to find out anything they can about The 2017 Girl of the Year.

I'll admit that I am right there with them. Part of it is that I'm just not a huge Lea fan. Well, let me rephrase. I'm not a huge GOTY fan. At least, I haven't been. I am very, very old school though, and love the pre-Mattel Historical line. Love it. I didn't even know what Girl of the Year was until a couple of years ago, and I was among those rolling my eyes at the "issues" these girls were facing in their stories. I lived through the beginning of the Revolutionary War with Felicity, wept over Marta with Kirsten, and held my breath as Addy searched rushing waters for her mother during their harrowing escape. How in the world was I supposed to care about the school's art program, a dance audition, or the garden out back?

I'm coming around though. Part of it is my little Kewpie doll's absolute adoration of her loose legged, dry and chopped hair, cheap Craigslist Lanie that we bought just as a way to get her to stop trying to steal Rag's well taken care of and deeply loved JLY. (She needed an 18 inch doll that she could do whatever she wanted to without worry, so I found the cheapest one I could find quickly and locally. It just happened to be Lanie, whose story reminds me very much of my little Earth Lover, Husk.) Part of it is the fact that Isabelle is put up for our own tiny dancer's birth year doll, and Saige is on the list of must haves now because she shares a birthday with one of our small ones. Part of it is that I can see the appeal of dolls that modern girls can relate to in both story lines and fashion...Even if I am a Historical Loyalist. (Besides, I feel almost no guilt at the thought of customizing a GotY, but get cold and sweaty at the thought of ripping the wig off of a Historical. I just can't do it.)

And, if I'm being honest, part of it is the excitement of the new release! Finding out facts, sniffing out leads, watching for leaks...There's a rush to it, and I'm hooked. If I told you the amount of hours I've spent scouring eBay, blogs, documentation, etc. just hoping to find out anything about the 2017 GotY...I'm not going to tell you. It's embarrassing, but be assured that it is a lot of hours.

There are some glaring issues with the GotY line, not in the least being the lack of representation of Girls of Color. (I plan on addressing this in more detail in a later blog, but you can head on over to the American Girl Outsider blog for her insight. She's been blogging about Americna Girl and the fandom for a lot longer than I have! Just FYI: I adore her blog, and agree with many of the points she makes. Her blog is not hugely child friendly though, so read at your own risk.) I am hopeful for 2017. I feel like AG will be shooting themselves in the foot not to address this issue, but I've also seen the argument that they won't release a doll of color as GotY in 2017 because of Melody's release in 2016. For me and mine, the only way to assure that we'll purchase the GotY would be to finally release a girl of color, but I doubt that AG cares about what one family will do. We'll see though. I'm hoping that AG sees the demand for representation and addressed the glaring inequity in their most popular line. I can think of 10 good stories right off the top of my head, but again, I doubt AG cares what I think or can write. I'm also fairly certain that AG has planned out at least the next 3 years for their GotY line, so if I girl of color wasn't already on the lineup (in which case, shame on them) fans might have to wait several years.

Which brings us to American Girl's recent trademarks. In years past these trademarks have been a huge hint to the identity of the next Girl of the Year, and this year people are speculating the same. AG has applied for Trademarks for both Tenney Grant and Logan Everett in the last 6 months. While AG has been knows to put some fake names out there for trademark (likely to throw off the leak sniffers), I can't find a time recently when that has happened in the instance where there is both a first and last name. It seems that the odds are fairly good that either Tenney or Logan could be the name of the 2017 GotY. They could even be the next two GotYs, or perhaps a 2017 GotY and a new BeForever character. I certainly don't know, but will be sure to post here as soon as I find out anything else. What do you think?

(There was also a trademark filed just last month for something called A*G Rewards with the description "RETAIL SERVICES, ONLINE RETAIL SERVICES, LOYALTY PROGRAMS, INCENTIVE AWARD PROGRAMS, BUSINESS SERVICES". A customer loyalty program, you say? Husbands and fathers around the world are terrified.)

I also recently found this outfit on eBay.

I didn't recognize this outfit, so did a quick image search where I found no matches. It is very likely that this is just an older outfit that I've missed, but it was posted by an eBay user that has posted other outfit leaks for sale in the past, so it seemed worth it to post it here. Do you know what outfit this is? If not, who do you think it's for?

Have you heard any rumors? Have any theories? Leave a comment!

~Mrs. D

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  1. That outfit is a Bitty Baby outfit from a few years back-- it also came with a purple cardigan and sandals. It was pretty cute!