Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Homeschooling With American Girl: Felicity Learns A Lesson Vocabulary Words

We have a list of vocabulary words that we've come up with for each book. Sometimes they are words that the children have never heard before, some are words that they know in a different context, but they are all words that end up being discussed as we read through the books. Feel free to use these, add to these, take some out, or whatever works for your classroom. If you think of any more words that should be added to the list please comment.

Vocabulary Words For Felicity Learns A Lesson

Look up and define these words as they are used in the story. (Some of these words have more than one, or more modern, meanings. Define them within the context of the story, please.)

  1. shingles
  2. scorch
  3. notable
  4. wrong-headed
  5. unseemly
  6. pint
  7. gawky
  8. hornbook
  9. handkerchief
  10. gentlewoman
  11. quill
  12. inkwell
  13. colonists
  14. King's tax
  15. disloyal
  16. pence
  17. calling
  18. Loyalist
  19. traitor
  20. exceedingly
  21. misunderstanding

Remember, the above lesson is just a suggestion. You do not have to do it in the exact same way that I did. Take the things you love about it and mold it to fit your educational needs! And, as always, if you use any of our lessons in your classroom, or have an idea that I might like, please share with me! I'd love to see what you do. You can leave your message directly in the comments or send an email to Dollywollydoodlebug@gmail.com. Your story could be shared on the blog! 

do ask that you link back to the blog if you share this lesson plan anywhere else, or provide a link if you share any other blog/person's ideas here. I love sharing ideas and brainstorming, but please give credit where credit is due. 

~Mrs. D

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