Monday, May 16, 2016

Homeschooling With American Girl: Meet Felicity Vocabulary Words

As we have begun using the American Girl stories in our classroom I have written out lesson plans for our use. One of the things that we have quite a few of are vocabulary word lists. All of these stories happen in very different times in our country's history. There are many words used that are no longer in use, or that children of today might not have come across before. (Like scoundrel.) Whenever we come across a word that the children question it's meaning we write it down and look it up. Through this act I have made vocabulary lists for each book. I want to share those here for your use, starting with our Meet Felicity vocabulary list. I will also have a post at a later date with a list of all of our Felicity Vocabulary Words in one place.

Vocabulary Words For Meet Felicity

Look up and define these words as they are used in the story. (Some of these words have more than one, or more modern, meanings. Define them within the context of the story, please.) 

  1. aye
  2. impatient
  3. maid 
  4. lads
  5. courting
  6. sampler
  7. bit
  8. bridle
  9. harness
  10. hides 
  11. mistreat
  12. farewell
  13. script 
  14. stays
  15. silversmith
  16. petticoats
  17. breeches
  18. apprentice
  19. milliner
  20. tannery
  21. pastures
  22. chit
  23. independent
  24. nag
  25. shift
  26. stockings
  27. garters
  28. trot
  29. canter
  30. gallop
  31. weary

Remember, the above lesson is just a suggestion. You do not have to do it in the exact same way that I did. Take the things you love about it and mold it to fit your educational needs! And, as always, if you use any of our lessons in your classroom, or have an idea that I might like, please share with me! I'd love to see what you do. You can leave your message directly in the comments or send an email to Your story could be shared on the blog! 

do ask that you link back to the blog if you share this lesson plan anywhere else, or provide a link if you share any other blog/person's ideas here. I love sharing ideas and brainstorming, but please give credit where credit is due. 

~Mrs. D

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