Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Birthday, Maryellen!

On this date in 1945 Maryellen Larkin was born. That would make her 71 years old today. 

Maryellen has seen some amazing things in her lifetime. She was there to witness the rise of Elvis Presley as the King of Rock and Roll. She witnessed, and possibly participated in, freedom marches as the Civil Rights Movement took hold in the United States. She was 22 during the Summer of Love and the rise of the "hippie movement". At the age of 24 she watched as man took his first steps on the moon. I am certain that the television loving Maryellen watched the premier of MASH, the most popular television show in US history, in 1971. She was there for the end of the Cold War, something she had learned about as a young child in elementary school, and probably watched the fall of the Berlin Wall on TV. She watched as televisions got larger, phones got smaller (and became mobile), every household got a personal computer and the Internet. The world in 2016 is very different than the world she was born into, but I am positive that adventure loving Maryellen would have taken it all in stride.  

What an exciting time to live in!

Happy birthday, Maryellen! 

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