Sunday, May 22, 2016

Outfit Search

You know when you really shouldn't like something, but you do? That's how I feel about these shoes that I found on eBay this morning...

eBay Image
They are just a bit too much, which makes them adorable! Seriously, if they had these in 32 year old women's sizes I'd be all over them. But they could be adorable on a doll!

They come with this outfit:

eBay Image
I have mentioned before how, until very recently, I have always been more into the older Historical Dolls. Knowing that this didn't belong to any of them, I assumed that this outfit belongs to a GotY or that it's from the JLY line, and began my search. Have I mentioned before how much I love the American Girl Wiki page, because I do! They have a list of JLY outfits, with images, and I found this with very little searching required.

Image found on American Girl Wiki
They even showed it on my adored #61, which just solidified my need to get it, since I could so see this outfit being rocked by Amy Pond some New Year's Eve! (Have I mentioned my Amy Pond doll? No? Oh, well, just you wait!) 

Happy Sunday!

~Mrs. D

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