Friday, May 27, 2016

Melody Fever

We read Melody's book in our house right after it came out. Ever since then we've had an excited countdown going to her release date, though that has of course been made difficult by the fact that we don't actually know her release date. Still, we're excited to know that it will be in the next month or two...or three...(Oh please don't let them push it all the way back to August!) 

I'd really been holding out for the end of June to coincide with her next book releases, but the fact that the Wellie Wishers are being released end of June put an end to that hope. I can't see American Girl releasing the Wellie Wishers and their newest BeForever doll at the same time, and if they did I don't think it would speak well for their commitment to either brand. My new hope is that it will at least be no later than the end of July. This will be our first official release event (we went to see Lea the day she was released, but GotY will never hold the place in my heart that the Historical girls do!), and I am the kids are over the moon about it. 

Our Melody Fever isn't helped when stuff like this pops up on my eBay either! 

eBay Image

I am positive that my mother had this exact outfit growing up in the 60s. Even if it isn't a possible Melody leak (I've mentioned before that I'm not as familiar with the JLY line, so this could have been released 5 years ago for all I know.) I so want to see her in it!

The print could also lend its self to Julie's 70s time period, but I have Melody on the brain, and the bold patterns really work for either decade. (And I so want it to be for Melody!)

I'm not as thrilled with the tights and shoes (mostly the shoes) they have posted with it, but no one said that she had to wear those too. 

eBay Image

Until they announce her release date (any day now AG) I'll just be over here daydreaming!

UPDATED: Here is the link to the original eBay listing. A part of me is still kicking myself for not snatching this up when I had the chance. 

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