Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Homeschooling With Felicity Merriman: Felicity Learns A Lesson Discussion Questions

Below you will find a list of discussion questions that we used while reading Felicity Learns A Lesson during our Felicity Unit. If you can think of any other questions to add to the list please leave a comment.

Felicity Learns A Lesson Discussion Questions

1. Mrs. Merriman speaks about doing things for others that no one ever sees. Why do you think that is important to her? What is an example of doing that in your family? What is an example of doing that in today's society?

2. Girls did not attend college in Felicity's time. Why do you think that was? Felicity was, instead, educated as a "gentlewoman". What does that mean?

3. Public Times was happening in Williamsburg during Felicity Learns A Lesson. What were Public Times? Why were they so important?

4. The Merriman's servant, Rose, and Miss. Manderly's maidservant are both mentioned several times. Do you think they were paid servants? If not, what do you think they were, given the time period? How does it make you feel?

5. "Think ere you speak, for words, once flown, once uttered, are no more your own." What do you think this saying means? Why is it important, particularly for Felicity?

6. Why do you think Felicity's father decided to stop selling tea at his shop? What would you have done in that situation, and why?

7. What do you think about how Felicity handled tea at Miss. Manderly's? What would you have done in that situation? Why?  

Remember, the above lesson is just a suggestion. You do not have to do it in the exact same way that I did. Take the things you love about it and mold it to fit your educational needs! And, as always, if you use any of our lessons in your classroom, or have an idea that I might like, please share with me! I'd love to see what you do. You can leave your message directly in the comments or send an email to Dollywollydoodlebug@gmail.com. Your story could be shared on the blog! 

do ask that you link back to the blog if you share this lesson plan anywhere else, or provide a link if you share any other blog/person's ideas here. I love sharing ideas and brainstorming, but please give credit where credit is due. 

~Mrs. D

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