Thursday, May 5, 2016

Melody Mini Doll!

This might be old news, but it's the first I'm seeing of it. This amazing beauty was posted to Tumbler 4 days ago by Dolls Of Colour. (Though it could have been posted before that, and has been posted several times since. This is where I first saw it.)

Given my Kewpie Doll's love of the mini dolls (they are the perfect size for her little hands), and my love of this mini doll, we might have to get two! Melody is already cute as a button, but that cuteness is taken completely over the top with her mini doll!

Who else plans on adding this beauty to their collection? Presumably she'll be available sometime in June 2016. (Which is when her next books are set to be released and many people assume that her BeForever doll will be released as well.) 

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