Friday, May 6, 2016

Latest News: Melody Books, Mini Doll, and Doll Release and Lea Movie Release and Premier Events

I wrote yesterday about the adorable Melody Mini Doll that is rumored to be released sometime in June 2016. If you missed the picture, I'll post it again, just because she is too darn cute!

The June release date for this doll seems to line up with the release of the newest Melody book, Never Stop Singing: A Melody Classic 2, and Melody's 3 Book Set release, both of which are listed as June, 23, 2016 on Amazon

The same rumor mill is also whispering that we can expect the release of the 18 inch Melody Ellison doll to be around the same time since the release of recent dolls, such as Maryellen Larkin, have coincided with the release of their second books. Of course, there is no official release date yet, and there are also rumors of Melody's release being as late in the summer as August, so it's all speculation at this point. I have personally heard different things from different employees at American Girl, so am taking all of it with a grain of salt until the release date is announced. (I'm hoping for the end of June though. *fingers crossed*) 

The release date for Girl of the Year, Lea Clark's, movie has also been released. Lea to the Rescue is available for pre-order now, and will ship on June, 14, 2016. 

If you are looking for a great night out with the special American Girl fan in your life many stores are also offering a Premier Event at their locations. From the American Girl website:

"Dive in and join us for a viewing of American Girl’s newest movie—starring Lea Clark, our 2016 Girl of the Year! Come celebrate the store premiere of American Girl: Lea to the Rescue, with a Lea inspired craft, a “red carpet” photo op, concessions, an exclusive movie goody bag, and of course, a screening of the all-new movie."

Click here to see all the latest events at your local store, and sign up for the Lea Clark Movie Premier! (If you go please drop me a message at and let me know how it was! The more pictures the better. Your story could be shared on the blog!) 

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