Dollstagramer Spotlight

Doll photography is a real thing, and there are some amazing photographers out there! Scrolling through Instagram has become a time consuming pass time of mine as I discover, in awe, how many talented photographers of every age are out there sharing their gift on Instagram! I've discovered many new pages through friends who have sent me messages and emails saying "Oh my gosh, look at these photographs!", and I want to share all of that talent as widely as I can, hence my Dollstagramer Spotlight! 

Every week I will post a new blog about an amazing photographer I follow on Instagram and will add their name to the Dollstagramer Spotlight list! Please, search them, find them, and follow them! They are phenomenal, and it is a joy to follow their artwork! 

If you have a "Dollstagramer" that you absolutely love that I have not featured here, please leave a message with their Instagram. I am always looking for more people to follow, and would love to see their work. 

If you are featured on this list, please feel free to post this image on your Instagram, blog, website, etc. You're fantastic! Brag about it!


  1. This is a great list of amazing agigers! Super helpful to new agigers! It would be super cool to do a blogger spotlight!

    1. I'm glad you like the list. I certainly plan to keep adding to it. I will have to start featuring bloggers in the future too!