Monday, June 13, 2016

There Is No Cure

There is absolutely no cure for our Melody fever! I wrote about Melody Fever a couple of weeks ago, and our entire household (which includes our nieces, and even my darling Mr. D) has caught it. I strongly suspect that it can't be cured until we actually have a Melody in our arms, though it might be helped by at least having a release date. (Hint, hint, AG!) 

All of the possible Melody leaks aren't helping at all! Lissie and Lily leaked this absolutely stunning golden coat at the end of May, and many in Doll World believe that it could be Melody's. It is so easy to picture her wearing this coat to Christmas Eve service at her church in Detroit...along with this dress!

eBay photo
This dress was also leaked on Lissie and Lily several weeks ago, though the original eBay listing's pictures weren't as beautiful as the current listing. (Which has already shot up to higher than I planned on spending to get my hands on one.) I can not express how much I want this dress/coat combo for my Melody! Even if it isn't meant for Melody I want this for my Melody! Perhaps I'll have to put a bug in Mr. D's ear for Christmas. 

eBay photo
My Melody fever is worse. Much worse. They'd better hurry up and announce her release date quickly! 

(Have I ever mentioned how much I love Lissie and Lily for leaks? They are making my fever worse though!) 

~Mrs. D 

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