Friday, June 24, 2016

Girl Of The Year 2017?

The rumors are already swirling around 2017s Girl of the Year. It's generally believed that her name will be Tenney Grant, though the name Logan Everett has also been recently trademarked too, and many in the fandom are hoping for a girl of color in 2017. (There has been an absurd and insulting lack of girls of color represented in the AG lines, though that it a rant for a different post.) 

This video leaked a couple of days ago featuring a new doll on the Simplicity American Girl patterns. While similar to #31 she is obviously a different doll. Some think she'll be a new Truly Me doll released later this year while many are hoping that this might be our first sneak peak of 2017s Girl of the Year. I am leaning towards the likely hood of a new Truly Me doll, because it seems unlikely that AG would allow their first leak of a GOTY in the form of a Simplicity pattern, but who knows? Either way, I think she's a beautiful doll. I've never understood the hate for Addy's mold. I personally find her one of the most beautiful dolls. 

What do you think? New Truly Me or a possible sneak peek at Tenney Grant? 

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  1. New name trademarked-Gabriella McBride. Tap Dancer, similar to #48, Doll of color.