Thursday, June 16, 2016

It's Official...

American Girl's new brand, Wellie Wishers, has a release date!

AG sent out an email this morning, and Wellie Wishers will be hitting the shelves on Thursday, June 23rd, a mere week from today.

You can check out the Wellie Wishers Pre-launch Page here!

I have said before that I am not sure we will be adding one of these to our collection, though I do plan to make some time in the coming weeks to head to our store and see them in person. In the mean time, if you are among the first to get one and would like to share your pictures our thoughts with me, please post in the comments or send an email to

Still no release date for Melody on the horizon, even though some stores have other events listed already all the way into September. We can only hope that they just plan to add the Melody release events into that somewhere. I would still prefer July, but the latest I am hearing from my people in the stores is that it will happen sometime in August, so I am not hopeful for a release before then. (It would be nice though.) 

However, Melody's second and third books, though they are still listed with a June 23rd, 2016 release date, are available to order off of Amazon nowNever Stop Singing: A Melody Classic 2 is listed as in stock, though it might take an extra day or two to process, and the Melody Ellison 3 Book Set is temporarily out of stock. I'm thrilled that it looks like we might at least be able to continue Melody's story a week earlier than expected, even if it seems like we're going to be waiting on any news of her doll. 

Silver linings!

Those dimples!

I have not read any of the "My Journey With" books yet, but I am extremely tempted to get Melody's to read with the children. They were so engaged and invested in her first book that I think it might be a good investment for our library. I'll let you know. 

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