Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An Amazing Melody Ellison Leak!

Have I mentioned that I absolutely love the blog, Lissie & Lilly? Well, I do. I about had a heart attack the day that I saw my blog added to their list of Links & Resources! It was like finding out some celebrity knows your name! Crazy!

Anyway, Lissie & Lilly has some amazing friends, and one of them got their hands on an early release of Melody! Lissie & Lilly was kind enough to not only write a review, but also to share a ton of photographs of the eagerly anticipated Melody! 

I can't share any images here, as they aren't mine, but please go an check her out. She's gorgeous, the review is amazing, and my Melody Fever is so much worse now than it already was!

~Mrs. D

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