Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Theory of Kit's Play Dress aka Who Wore It Better?

Of all of the new spring releases I think one of my favorites is Kit's Play Dress! I spent quite a bit of time staring longingly at it when we went in during Tenney's release though I left the store that day without it. Over the next week or so I kept seeing pictures on Instagram of people who had bought the dress and were showing it off on, not only Kit, but Melody, Gabby, moddies...and I started to notice a trend. There wasn't a single doll I'd seen that couldn't pull it off. Based off of this fact, and the fact that my poor Kit has a severe shortage of clothes of her own, I went back to pick up the dress the same night I bought Melody's mystery book and found my dream Maryellen

I feel only slightly guilty admitting that the first doll I put it on was Melody. (Kit was in another room and couldn't see the disloyalty.) I wasn't disappointed. DeeDee rocked that dress! (DeeDee was also severely underrepresented in the clothes department in our home, so I think that Kit probably wouldn't have minded sharing.) DeeDee rocked the dress to the point that, even if I didn't have Kit, I would have needed that dress, and I am notorious for not being able to buy the dress for characters I don't have yet. (To the point where I have missed out on some awesome deals simply because I didn't yet have the doll who would one day wear it.) 

Did my theory hold up though? Just because Melody absolutely slayed Kit's Play Dress didn't mean that all of our other girls would too. The world needed to know if this was a dress you could buy for any of your, and there was only one way to find out if my theory held water.

So I gathered up all of my dolls to try on the new doll goodies. Then I gathered up the Little Dahl's dolls. I even grabbed a fixer upper Nicki that I found on Craigslist for $15 last year and had stashed away in my closet to do something with someday. (I still haven't decided what.) My conclusion. This dress makes dolls look good.

I, of course, photographed my evidence. I was getting ready to post the photos, both on here and on Instagram, when I realized that I could turn this into a sort of game. (Inspired, just a little, by March Madness, though without the basketballs, beer, and sweaty men.) So, I have spent the last several days posting "Who Wore It Better" images on Instagram. I've left each up for about a day before tallying up the votes, declaring a winner for that round, and then posting the next image. While I think all of our girls look absolutely amazing in the dress it has also been fun posting and seeing what others think.

Here's how the pairings and voting went down. Do you agree? Check out the new poll and let me know who you think wore it better!

Felicity and Addy went neck and neck first, with Addy winning Round One of Who Wore It Better?

Rebecca vs. Gabriela was next, with Gabriela taking the second round easily.

In Round Three, Molly vs. Melody, poor Molly didn't have a chance. Melody walked away with a solid 100% of the vote!

Kaya took Round Four from Fixer-Upper-Nicki.

Kit beat Miss. Mei in Round Five.

And Round Six ended in my oldest's #23 loosing out to my youngest's The Doll Formerly Known As Isabelle (we call her Elle, and she actually has a pretty neat story.)

In the semi-finals Kaya, Gabriela, and Melody came out on top leaving the three of them competing for the title of Who Wore It Best. (Though I still maintain that everyone wears it beautifully.) 

Miss. Melody came out on top with over half the final votes, and I had so much fun that I plan on doing another Who Wore It Better on my Instagram at some point. (Because, why not, really?) 

Still not convinced that anyone can rock this dress? Even the Babies took their turn. (And looked amazing too.) 

What outfit should I use for the next Who Wore It Better?

~Mrs. D


  1. I think Kaya rocks the hat, but do agree with Melody looking cutest. I have my Kit wearing this outfit at the moment, she seems a little taller than my other dolls so the hemline is at least an inch higher than her knees.

    1. I absolutely love this outfit. It just looks great on everyone, though I have it on my Kit now too.