Sunday, March 5, 2017

Poll Results: Who Would You Choose? and New Poll: Choose Your Character

In my most recent poll I asked Who Would You Choose? and gave the option of three different dolls. One was the highly anticipated Nanea Mitchell, set to release in August, and the other three were Truly Me dolls that I'd like to get my hands on at some point. 

Nanea was the overwhelming winner with 54% of the votes saying that you would wait to get her above the other dolls. 

Truly Me #58 and #53 were tied with 18% of the vote each.

10% of the vote went to Truly Me #64. 

After much consideration, and a surprise eBay purchase of my first moddie and Jess mold anyways, I will be waiting for Nanea's release to make another major doll purchase. (Barring any amazing deals, of course.) 

Now it's time for our next poll! Inspired by the release of six named characters being released by American Girl in 2017, my next poll is this: Choose Your Character.

Who can you not live without in 2017? Who has come home with you already? Who is coming home? I understand that many people have purchased multiple dolls this year, but if you could only have one, which one would it be? If you'd choose another character tell me who it is and why! 

You have 10 days to vote, so give all the love to your favorite! 

~Mrs. D 

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