Thursday, June 23, 2016

Welcome, Wellie Wishers...And MORE!

Well, they're here. The Wellie Wishers arrived overnight and have joined the AG family with a bang.

They were available on the Navy Exchange, or NEX, website before they even dropped on the American Girl website, going live on NEX sometime around midnight MST. They became available on the American Girl website shortly after midnight PST. (With free shipping through 7/31!) Now they are here, and big Wellie Wisher events are going on in AG stores all through the weekend. (I would love to see some pictures if you're going and hear your opinion on the line. Either leave a comment or email me at You'll get credit, and I could share your story here. Please share!)

We won't be going to the store to see them for a few days. I want to wait until the initial events are over so we can avoid the crowds. (Especially since we have no intention of buying them as of yet.) I will be taking pictures and writing up my personal opinion once I've seen them in person though, so keep your eyes open for my review. Here's some things I know without having seen them in person though.

Some of the items are already on back order. Like these adorable socks that are meant to be worn under the see through "wellies". I am personally most excited about the boots, and wish that they were available in adult sizes. Seriously. Boots that you can change the look of just by wearing different socks or tights! Sign me up! For my little fashionesta this is a dream come true. (And not a bad price for rain boots if we're being honest. I'll check out their quality when I get a chance to go in store.)

The little girl outfits are, frankly, adorable, though I have already heard several complaints about the fact that they only go up to a size seven and that they run small. I have no idea how accurate this is, but I can see it being a problem for little girls who are unable to match their dolls.

Honestly, I might have to break my resolve not to get anything from this line just to buy the Happy Hedgehog Outfit that matches the Willa doll. I've spent the last several months thinking it was a kitty on her shirt. Knowing it is a hedgehog makes it a whole new ballgame! Hedgehogs are a sacred animal in our home! I'd feel bad not getting a Happy Hedgehog Outfit for my girls!


Speaking of Willa, she and Kendall are the ones I am hearing the most excitement about, and it has been suggested that Willa will be on back order soon. I'm not here to tell you what to do, but if you want her, you might want to get her sooner than later...

It wouldn't be AG without accessories, and the Wellie Wishers don't disappoint. From larger items like a playhouse and stage, to smaller items like an Explorer Set and Tea Party Set, there are accessories to match the interests of most little girls and boys out there. 

Like all good American Girls, the Wellie Wishers come with a pet. And he's pretty darn cute. Carrot the rabbit comes with his own hutch and his own free app. No, I'm not kidding. My only complaint here is that I wish Carrot was available for purchase on his own, because Carrot and Hutch are a bit pricey for an AG pet and plastic box, in my opinion. I understand that part of the price is probably going to cover the "free" app, but if you don't want to use the app you still end up paying $42 for a doll pet. I'd love to get the rabbit, but not for that price, AG. Thanks but no thanks. 

The Wellie Wishers line also has PJs, a charm bracelet, and a pretty cute carrier, and people are going gaga over them! As I said, I haven't seen them in person yet, but I hope I've given you enough information to be getting on with. 

Again, I would love some real life pictures of the events, comparison sizes (I've heard that instead of the 16 inches people were expecting that they are running closer to 14.5.) to Bitties and 18 inch dolls, how the boots and socks look on your girls...If you want to share, please leave a message or email me at I'll give you credit, and you'll be able to share with people on the blog. 

There are also going to be books released at a later date September 1st, and a cartoon on Amazon coming this Fall! I might not be able to avoid getting them if they see the cartoon...

In addition to the Wellie Wishers there were several other new items that AG released today! I planned on mentioning them in this post, but I think I'll write another one but I wrote this one instead. It's appropriate that the Wellie Wishers get their own post, don't you think? 

Welcome, Wellie Wishers! I'll wear my Wellies today in honor of your arrival! (Though mine don't let me change the look simply by changing my socks!)

~Mrs. D

*all images in this post came from the American Girl website

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