Tuesday, June 21, 2016


...And the livin' is easy.

Since Melody fever is still strong in this house, I could so imagine Melody and Dwayne singing this amazing summer song. Or Big Mama singing it in the kitchen as she made Sunday dinner. Mmmmhmmm. Summer doesn't start in this house until I've opened up all the windows and we've belted out "Summertime" while mixing up some ice cold lemonade. 

Melody isn't here yet, nor is her release date, but there are still plenty of girls here to enjoy the first day of summer, (my own children and nieces included) and Molly just happened to get her swim suit in the mail today. Fitting, right? She was more than ready to take off that sweltering hot skirt and sweater combo of hers and model her 1940s swimwear. (I love some 1940s swimwear!)  

Molly was content to stretch out in the sunshine while the living little girls in this house ran around in sprinklers with water balloons. It's not my favorite season, but summer has its perks.

Happy First Full Day of Summer, Y'all!

~Mrs. D

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