Saturday, August 6, 2016

You Know What You Don't Do?

You know what you don't do? You don't pass up a $10 Rebecca, no matter how much you've promised yourself that you won't buy anymore AG things until Melody comes out. (20 days and counting, folks! Eeek!) You don't even pass her up if she has a bite mark on her foot and one of her hands looks like it made an absolutely delicious dog toy. Nope. You just tell your husband that you can fix that and arrange to pick up both Rebecca and the $15 Nicki that is also being sold on Craigslist. Because you can.

Rebecca was released far after my peak American Girl days, and before my children were old enough to pull me back in. It only made sense that I did the proper research before fixing our newest girl up since I knew next to nothing about her. (I knew that she was a Jewish girl that wanted to be an actress living in New York in 1914. That's it.) So I got my hands on her books and started reading. I'll tell you what, by the time I was done I was immensely fond of spunky little Rebecca! (If you haven't read her story you should!) It made me that much more determined to bring her back to her former glory, even though I've had next to no free time during this summer. (Seriously, you would think I'd have a little more free time since we're not doing any formal schooling, but nope! Free time is a myth!) 

You should expect to see a lot more of Rebecca's rehab on the blog in the upcoming weeks, even though I will have to squeeze it in between lesson planning and the start of the school year. *sniff* Until then, here is what I had to start with, and where we are now. (We're waiting on new limbs that should arrive this week.) 

Due to the state of her right hand my youngest daughter has been calling her "Boo Boo".

I couldn't not buy her, especially when the only thing really wrong were her limbs. (Her hair isn't greasy or anything. I'd begun to dampen it for recurling before I remembered to take the pictures. It's a little dry at the ends, but in remarkably good shape.) Though I'd not paid much attention before, I think Rebecca is very pretty, though I am partial to the Josefina mold. (Because I am partial to Josefina, no doubt!) 

Poor "Boo Boo"! That must really sting!

One of the odder things I've had on our windowsills! Usually when a doll is getting a sun treatment her entire body is still attached. This is the first time I've beheaded one, and I have to admit that it's making me a tad nervous. It's frightening to see a $115 doll dismantled, even if you only paid $10 for her. I can't wait to see the finished product though! 

have you ever taken a doll apart? How'd it go?

-Mrs. D 

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