Sunday, August 28, 2016

Melody's Mini Shoot

The rain didn't allow us to take Melody out for her first photo shoot like we had planned today, but I couldn't resist pulling out the camera and taking at least a couple of shots with the available light that we had inside. 

This. Girl. Is. Stunning! The more I look at her the more I think it. I will fully admit that I was initially so disappointed that Melody wasn't going to have those amazing dimples, but she is absolutely beautiful without them. I know that some people weren't in love. If you can, see her in person. Trust me. I can't wait to get her out for a full photo shoot!

The rain put even the usually jolly Bo in a bad mood.

Melody was a little disappointed too, but her sunny disposition wouldn't let a little rain get in her way! Her little light shined bright for a mini photo shoot inside!

What did I tell you? Stunning! 

This girls hair flip needs a wide angle lense! I absolutely adore it! 

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