Saturday, February 25, 2017

Poll Results & New Poll

I need to get better at keeping up on the blog, including my polls. The goal is to have a new poll every two weeks for now, bumping it to every week soon. 

Our last poll question was:

What Are You Most Looking Forward To In 2017?

The overwhelming favorite was Gabriela McBride with 71% of the votes going to our fabulous Girl of the Year! Tenney Grant and "The fact that it's not 2016 anymore" tied in second place with 14% of the votes each. The possibility of another boy doll got absolutely no votes, though rumor has it that Logan is selling well now that he's here. 

Our new poll question, and one that I think I might find myself revisiting often (though with different options) is:

Who Would You Choose? 

In the Who Would You Choose segment of our blog I will be posting 4 or 5 different dolls and asking you, if you could only have one, who would you choose? Fun, right? I admit that, this time around, the question is personal to me, since I am trying to consider which doll I might like next. Though Mr. D is amazingly supportive of my habit hobby, I have no wish to abuse his generosity by bringing home every doll known to man at once. I'm trying to be frugal and choose only one. 

Right now I'm torn between 3 Truly Me dolls (64, 58, or 54) and the gorgeous Nanea who will be released sometime in August. Choosing Nanea I would clearly have to wait for awhile. 64 or 54 already have a story line that I am fleshing out in my mind (and on The Sims 4 where I sometimes like to play characters from my books or stories), but I've loved 58 for years. I also am interested in getting a TM doll without perma panties, though I can do a body swap if I'm too bothered. If I get one of the TMs I might very will skip Nanea for awhile, which would make me sad, I think. 

So, given all of that information, or just using your personal preference, what would you do? Submit your vote on the poll on the top right hand side of the blog, and I will update with my choice in a week or two. 

Have an idea for a good poll question? Leave it in the comments!

~Mrs. D


  1. get #54 now (if she has the Ivy eye mold) and Nanea later by putting away $5 a week

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