Friday, September 9, 2016

Meet Addy!

No, not the book, though it is a good one. I actually mean that I'd like you to meet our Addy!

I've wanted a PC Addy for as long as I've wanted an American Girl doll! Addy and Felicity were my dream dolls, and I had to wait until my 30s to get Felicity. I've been on the hunt for the perfect, early edition, PC Addy for over a year now, and there are a couple that have slipped through my fingers on eBay. I'd eyes]d the BeForever Addy every time we go into the store, but reasoned with myself that if I bought her I'd be unable to make make a rational argument for buying my PC Addy when I found her. (Because the logical, mommy side of me wouldn't be able to justify two of the same doll for myself when there are so many things to buy for my little living dolls.) 

And then we went to the store for Melody's release, and it couldn't be more obvious that Addy is on her way out. (Yes, I know that AG says that they have "no plans to retire Addy at this time.", but she's sitting in a lonely display box at the back of the store with one outfit and her lunch pail, and they aren't even honoring the "save $5 if you buy the doll and her accessories" with her anymore. Addy is either retiring or being given the very short end of the stick here!) I've spent the last three weeks in a panic that beautiful Addy was once again going to become an impossibility for me. I just couldn't let that happen.

And here she is! Our Addy is finally home. But what about the "can't have two of one doll" thing? No worries. I've figured it out. When I do find my PC Addy this Addy is going to become the great-great-great granddaughter of Addy Walker. They will be best friends. It will be beautiful. I'm going to write a whole backstory. It might even be my first "doll fiction". (When I told Mr. D this fabulous plan with a "See! It won't be like having two of the same doll at all!" he just laughed and told me to do "whatever you need to sleep at night." I'm so lucky with that man!)

Of course, my youngest little Kewpie doll is absolutely head over heels for Addy now, and it helps that "Addy" sounds so darn cute coming out of her toddler mouth. I might be on the hunt for two more Addys...A PC one for Mommy, and a gently used one for my mini me...I wonder how I can spin that one for Mr. D?  

There will be more pictures of this beauty soon, not to mention my Rebecca clean up, a back to school photo shoot for the dollies, and Melody photos. (I can't take enough Melody photos!)

~Mrs. D

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