Monday, July 18, 2016

Melody Ellison's Release Date!

It's here! It's here! It's finally here! After months of patiently waiting, there is now a release date for Melody Ellison, the next doll in American Girl's Historical/BeForever line!

Okay, so no one from AG has officially said that there is a release date, however Melody's Summer Block Party events have officially been posted on the site

Ta-Da! If the events coordinate with the release of Melody, which we have no reason to believe they won't, Miss. Melody will finally arrive August, 26, 2016! I'm giddy! My oldest and I have been looking forward to this for months, counting down even when there was no date to count to, and now it's finally here! An actual date that we can look forward to. I am almost excited enough to pass over the annoying little footnote in the event description...


Hey, AG, putting For girls ages 8 and up at the bottom of your events is just ignorant. Boys like AG too. In fact, you have a huge fan base out there consisting of little boys who pour over catalogs, skip happily into stores, count down to doll releases, put accessories on their Christmas lists, etc. Yet you continue to not only ignore them, but to insist that your events are not for them. Is their money not as good? Does it not bother you that there are numerous accounts of encounters in your stores where young boys at these events have been denied the opportunity to participate in crafts or other extras by your employees because "American Girl isn't for boys."? No one is asking that the name of the store be changed to American Kid or anything, but at least acknowledge your entire fan base. 

Who else is excited for Melody? And who has a little boy looking forward to the release? 

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