Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dollstagramer Spotlight of the Week

Yes, I know, I've already done a Dollstagramer post this week, but I'm behind, so this is my playing catch up. Besides, you really should check these accounts out on Instagram. 

If you are featured on this list, please feel free to post this image on your Instagram, blog, website, etc. You're fantastic! Brag about it!

  • asylumdolls has some beautiful girls in her collection, and her photography shows them off to their full advantage. 
  • pineyfleur not only has some beautiful dolls and stunning photography, but her girls have a better wardrobe than I do. I'm not sure if I should be impressed or jealous. 
  • mommynmeag is a mother daughter team that not only rocks Instagram, but also has their own YouTube channel. Be sure to check them out on both. 
  • sugar7483 shares not only my love of dolls, but of Harry Potter, so how could I not feature her here? If American Girl dolls with tiny copies of The Quibbler are wrong I will never be right!
  • aghollyk is another adult collector with quite a following on AGIG. I was first brought to her page due to an absolutely breathtaking photograph of Saige, but I started following her when I realized that all of her photography is like that! I hope you'll enjoy her too. 

Follow these AGIGers! And keep your eyes open for more talent in my Dollstagramer Spotlight! 

Do you have a favorite AGIGer? Make sure to tell me about them. 

~Mrs. D 

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  1. I'm my favorite AGIGer and doll blogger! ;) I'm just joking! :)