Saturday, September 10, 2016

Back to School

For anyone who didn't know, we homeschool here at Castle Dahl, and this was the first official week "back" at Dahlywood Academy. (Which is so not the name we've chosen for our homeschool, but it still amuses me to say.) Here we are 5 days in and already 6 days behind, but I think most homeschooling families feel that way. (I hope they do anyways. God forbid we are alone in this!) 

I still had time for a small back to school photo shoot with the dollies though. Okay, so with two of the dollies, because I had to take some time and photograph Addy some some. And play with her. And admire her. And photograph her some more...

This might be why we are behind. 

I plan on doing a larger back to school shoot next week when I've caught up with the Little Dahls, but I wanted to share some images that I squeezed in between Math and Music. (We're continuing our Mowtown and Gospel education this year, because Melody is such an inspiration!)


Apparently my Molly is ambidextrous. She's truly amazing, and doing great with her multiplication ever since she had Emily's help!

Felicity enjoys her lessons, but certainly misses Patriot and Penny while she's gone.

Darling Addy is so ready to go back! There are books to be read, friends to make, and spelling bees to be won! 

How is everyone enjoying being back to school? (Whether that is an exciting new grade, new college courses that you love, or waving your children off every morning!) 

~Mrs. D

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