Thursday, April 13, 2017

Nanea's Books

It looks like there is finally some information out there about Nanea's books, though I can't say that I'm thrilled. 

Amazon has posted the titles, pre-order information, and synopsis of all three of Nanea's books, but those of us hoping for an early release of the first novel like we got with Melody are going to be disappointed. Unless the dates change for some reason, it looks like we'll have to wait to read Nanea's story, as the release date for all three books isn't until August 24th. I really enjoyed having Melody's first book early last year, because I felt like it gave my family a chance to really know her character before going to her release, which made it even more exciting to be picking up our doll, but it doesn't look like we'll have that chance with Nanea. 

Still, it's pretty exciting to have some more information about the new BeForever character!

From Amazon: Nine-year-old Nanea may be the youngest in her family, but she still wants to "dip her paddle in" and be useful. She knows she's grown-up enough to help in her grandparents' market. But before she can prove that she's ready for more responsibility, the unthinkable happens: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, the naval base where her father works, and America is at war! With friends and family missing, and rumors of more attacks to come, Nanea worries―will life ever be the same again?

From Amazon: Nanea had hoped that going back to school would make life seem normal again. But everything has changed since the war, including Miss Smith's wonderful classroom. Nanea's dear friend Donna is gone, and now there's a new girl who seems to be getting all of Miss Smith's attention. There are also worries at home as Nanea's big brother talks about joining the Army. Nanea can't bear the thought of him leaving. In the swirl of changes, Nanea turns to hula. Dancing always makes her feel better. Then, Nanea gets a big idea―could hula help lift the spirits of the soldiers, too?

From Amazon: The puka shells jingle in my hand. I don't want to lose them, so I slide the necklace over my head. But as I pull my hair out from under the string of shells, the ground drops from beneath my feet. I feel the whoosh of an ocean breeze, and then a pink mist covers my eyes . . . What if you suddenly found yourself in Nanea's hometown of Honolulu during World War Two? Together, you and Nanea could send secret messages for the war effort or work in a Victory Garden. You could learn how to hula dance or help a lost dog. As you read, you decide what happens by choosing your own path through this multiple-ending story.

Who is getting excited for Nanea? August seems like forever away, however, we have Z's release right around the corner! I'm looking forward to her too. 

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