Thursday, May 11, 2017


...Amelia Imogen Caitlin Pond!

Neither Mei or Hannelore have their full bios up yet, and the plan after getting Hannelore and Ivy unexpectedly (I haven't told you about that yet, have I?) was that there would be no more doll purchases until Nanea is released in August...but when a #61 popped up on the local BST sight for a steal I couldn't pass her up. #61 has always been by Amelia Pond, a character whose story is going to be very much inspired by Doctor Who and set in that universe, though my Amelia's story is going to be somewhat different than the cannon Amy Pond.

So, here is Amelia's short bio, though a longer one will follow as soon as I get both Mei and Hannelore's longer bios up. 

Age: 7

Birthday: April, 3, 2010

Family: Amelia lost both of her parents tragically, though she is unable to remember exactly how and is unwilling to ask for details yet. She currently lives with her guardian, a man who often goes by the name of John Smith when they are traveling, though he is better known by another name all over this world and others.

Location: Anywhere and everywhere she wants to go. There is rarely a place, or a time, that her guardian will refuse to take her, though she does feel that he tends to "mother" her a bit. There are times that he has to go away and do something "dangerous" where he will leave her with different friends for awhile. Amelia was born in Inverness, Scotland.  

Pets: A wonderful and loyal pup named Rory who never leaves her side.

Favorite Book: Pandora's Box

Favorite Artist: Vincent van Gogh

Favorite Color: Blue.

Hogwarts House: No one really knows until 11, do they? Besides, she has other things to think about for now.

Random Fact: Amelia enjoys drawing comic books. Many of these tell of her various adventures with her guardian and the friends they meet along the way. She has shelves and shelves full of these in her room.

I'm very excited to add Amelia to the family and write about her adventures. No more dolls until Nanea now though! I'm serious!

~Mrs. D


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  2. Such a great bio for her and I totally understand why you couldn't pass her up, such a cutie.